LanternCast Episode #179 – Green Lantern 25-27!

Once more into the fray, the guys RETURN to current issue reviews! This one is chock-a-block with fun! Hal VS Girls! Hal VS the ability to delegate! Hal VS light conservation! All this and Mickey Mouse impersonations, the joy of the name ‘MukMuk’ & topical ‘Jurassic Park’ references! Be sure to chime in on our voicemail at 708-LANTERN!

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Product of the Week: Classic Confrontations: Green Lantern Hal Jordan vs Parallax

Besides the Saint Walker maquette, probably the best Green Lantern statue that has come out in the past year or so is the Classic Confrontations: Green Lantern Hal Jordan vs Parallax piece.

This well-sculpted collectible features a large translucent version of the entity of fear breaking free from the Green Lantern Central Power Battery.  Attempting to stop him is Hal Jordan, who finds himself constricted and trapped by Parallax’s tail.

The large Parallax fits into the power battery base.  It can take a few minutes to align in properly and it never truly locks into place.  The plastic fear bug also comes with two sets of wings that slide into grooves on its back.

The cleverest part of the statue is the porcelain Hal Jordan figure.  The Emerald Knight comes in two sections that are held together with a magnet.  This allows Hal to be placed inside Parallax’s tail easily.  The magnet is powerful enough to keep the two pieces together normally, but too much pressure or contact can cause the parts to separate and fall.

This statue is definitely worth having in your collection.  If you don’t already own it though, you might have a tough time tracking it down.  As I write this, I couldn’t find any listed on eBay and even Big Bad Toy Store has it going for over $300, and that is for one that has been opened.  Hopefully this will show up again, at least on auction, so more people can have a chance to own this superb piece.

- Mark J. Marble

LanternCast Episode #178 – Geek Talk!

The guys continue their mini-break with a topic of Chad’s choosing! Yeah, it’s a doozy. Geek conversation abounds as the guys talk about TV shows, merchandise, other NON-GL comics (gasp!) and more! Be sure to chime in and leave us a voicemail at 708-LANTERN!

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LanternCast – What The? Volume 2!

What better way to celebrate April Fools Day then by putting it out 10 days late! Who’s the fool now?!?! But really, keeping with tradition, the guys all got together and made some great skits for your listening pleasure. Is this the best one yet? Eh, the jury is still out on that. But you’ll like it none the less! Leave us a voicemail at 708-LANTERN!

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LanternCast Episode #170ish – Green Lantern Talk

The guys discuss some various topics with a bit of other stuff thrown in as well. Listen in! Leave us a voicemail at 708-LANTERN!

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LanternCast Episode #177 – Mark and Chad Go to the Movies!

It’s 2014 folks! So Chad and Mark take a break from current issue reviews and talk MOVIES! What are we looking forward to? What could we give “three pounds of monkey crap” about? All of this plus Doctor Who, classic rock and 80′s cartoons! Listen in! Leave us a voicemail at 708-LANTERN!

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LanternCast Episode #176 – Lights Out!

‘Lights Out’ is HERE! Chad and Mark discuss the triumphs and pitfalls of this Lantern-centric event. Source Wall preferences, half-cocked Hal, the death of Oa and the threat of Relic! All this and MORE! Leave us a voicemail at 708-LANTERN!

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LanternCast Episode #175 – Villains Month!

It’s the Villains turn this time! Chad and Mark talk Sinestro, Black Hand, Mongul and Relic and the shenanigans there-in! Was it good or god awful? Also ANOTHER Chad VS DC Comics rant! (I know right? It’s getting old.)

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Product of the Week: “S” Series Green Lantern Mini-Figs

As one of the cooler Green Lantern products to come out recently, the “S” series Green Lantern mini-figs are definitely not to be missed.

The current set of eight “Lego” like figures does its best to represent the emotional spectrum with versions of a Red Lantern, Blue Lantern, Green Lantern, Black Lantern, White Lantern, “Agent Orange,” Atrocitus and Sinestro.

The majority of figures are seemingly supposed to show Hal Jordan as different color lanterns (Red, Blue, Green, Black and Orange).  Despite the Agent Orange name on the collector’s card (more about these later), the figure is clearly not Larfleeze and looks just like Hal, other than having black hair for some reason.  The Black Lantern Hal looks very good, even though it does carry a pretty big mistake since it is the life symbol that appears on his chest, not the Death/Black Lantern one.  The Blue Lantern Hal comes with an awesome surprise as it gives you an extra head of Saint Walker to swap in or out as you want.

Both the Atrocitus and Sinestro figures are very impressive looking, despite Sinestro looking like he spent a few extra hours in a Korugarian tanning booth.  The White Lantern, since he comes with black hair, would suggest that he is supposed to represent Kyle. but the collector’s card indicates it is actually Superman.

Each figure comes with a sealed pack of three collector’s cards and there are 12 different cards in all.  Of interest, the Black Lantern Card, like its box, does have the chest symbol correct, while the cards continually carry over a “Greem Lantern” typo.  Each figure also comes with a weapon, a few extra hands and a display base.

Overall, this is a pretty good set and gives us the only current “Lego” representation of the emotional spectrum.  It would be good if they make another set that it includes a Star Sapphire and Indigo-1.  The absence of these two corps (and of female figures) is very noticeable.

These figures currently are only available over seas, but there are some good auctions on these sets on ebay.  We’ve ordered a few from this seller/auction, and they have been very reliable and affordable ($13.99 w/free shipping for the set, not in original packaging).

Mark J Marble

LanternCast Presents – Green Lantern-Green Arrow #3

In this episode, Chad enlists the help of Carol Tilley of the University of Illinois to discuss her recent findings regarding Frederic Werthams misleading research. Tune in and learn yourself some comics history! Music – ‘Everything Has Its Point’ by Rival Schools.

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