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LanternCast – Episode #30 – A LanternCast Halloween!

Unlock the door to fear! In this episode, we take a look at Green Lantern Corps Quarterly #7 from back in 1993. This anthology style issue brings us a number of short, horror themed stories, including the first appearance of Ash, the alien vampire hunting Green Lantern! Music by Chad Farran and Masters of Horror, composed by Andrew Strane! Please visit our site at

LanternCast – Episode #29 – Happy 50th Birthday Hal Jordan!

In this 50th birthday celebration for Hal Jordan, we delve into Showcase #22, the debut of the Silver Age Green Lantern! We lamp you out for not being a bird, while Jim goes on about how much cash money comics used to be in the good old days! Music by Chad Farran and Sheriff Johns Birthday Song! Please visit our site at

LanternCast – Episode #28: Green Lantern 46 and BN: Superman 1 and 2!

In this episode of the LanternCast, we talk about graphic design and wedding invatations. Ya know, the usual stuff! Oh, and some stuff about Green Lantern #46, Blackest Night Superman #s 1 and 2, an update on Jim’s side project, and a look at some lackluster Lantern merch that’s coming just in time for xmas! Music by Chad Farran and “Zombie Girl” by The Quintessentials! Please visit our site at

LanternCast – Episode #27: Random Green Lantern Topics!

We take a short break from Blackest Night in order to discuss some random Green Lantern related questions! Which character needs an update? What’s the deal with Wonder Woman’s Blackest Night figure? And what should be done with Kyle Rayner? All this and more, plus a former guest pops up after the credits… Music by Chad Farran! Please visit our site at

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