LanternCast Episode #429 – The Green Lantern (Season Two) #10-12!

Dan returns to join Chad and Mark as they suck it up and discuss the final three issues of Grant Morrison’s run on The Green Lantern (Season Two)! Be sure to email us your thoughts or call/text us on our voice-mail at 708-LANTERN!

Time Stamps for this Episode!

  • Intro/The Green Lantern #10- 00:56
  • The Green Lantern #11-12!- 25:35
  • More Undisciplined Chad Tangents!- 1:18:55

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One Response to “LanternCast Episode #429 – The Green Lantern (Season Two) #10-12!”

  • Shane Anderson:

    I hate to put it this way, but this series has mercifully come to an end with issue 12 in which … well, something happens and Hal fights Hector Hammond. Morrison’s plots this second “season” have been all over the place and confusing, which is a real shame, because the art is great, and his grasp of Hal’s character and history is very strong. I’ve read all the Silver Age Green Lantern and a random smattering of Bronze Age, and I’ve read JLA through issue 146 thanks to the omnibus reprints. So when Morrison incorporates a character or a plot point from these 60s and 70s issues, I often recognize it, and it’s great to see all of Hal’s printed history treated as relevant and valid. The bronze giants come from a Silver Age Flash story, and Morrison even references a Jack Kirby Green Arrow story in one issue.

    But the plots and dialogue have been gibberish, to be blunt. I’m sure they make sense to Morrison, and I’m sure I could work hard and decipher them, but should I have to? All that great character work and incorporation of Hal’s history goes to waste because I can’t really tell what’s going on half the time. The book started out well, and the first 12 issues were pretty good, and so was the annual and the miniseries, it just went off the rails in the second 12 issues.

    Ready for a new writer, definitely.

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