Friends of The Show!

Blog Of Oa & Podcast of Oa: Just because they’re ANOTHER GL podcast, doesn’t mean we have to be at war! Listen to these guys and keep an eye on their website for MORE of the latest Green Lantern stuff!

The Minor Quadrant: Our listener Deron frequently posts reviews of various geek related things on his blog! Oftentimes there are Green Lantern issue reviews to be had!

Green Lantern Butt’s Forever: This blog has been a gem on the internet for a LONG time. Seriously, I highly recommend you check it out! There are LOTS of general comics related stuff, but every now and then Sally ventures into the GL and it’s always a good time.

Flodos Page: It’s been awhile since Flodo has updated his site, but it remains one of the most enthusiastic GL blogs on the net. Flodo’s a true blue (well, Green) fan!

The Brightest Day: Another GL fan website hosting all kinds of news about GL. From issue solicits to toy releases, this one has it all. Between this and Blog of Oa, trust us, you’re covered.

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