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LanternCast Episode #344 – Creed II!

An unexpected episode arrives as Mark is joined by The Fire & Water Podcast Network‘s Ryan Daly to breakdown Creed II and its place in the entire Rocky saga!  There’s a great deal of meat on the bone here if you loved Creed or just consider yourself a fan of the franchise!  Yes, there be spoilers ahead!

Download the episode HERE!

LanternCast Presents: Green Lantern: Pre-Birth #14 – JLA/The Spectre: Soul War #1-2!

After a lengthy absence, Jim and Mark return to cover one of the better Hal Jordan as the Spectre stories, as The Spectre teams up with the JLA in the two-part “Soul War” Prestige Format crossover!   Can the JLA trust Hal Jordan when everything is on the line?  And should they?  Take a listen and find out!  Also, 10 years ago to the day, the LanternCast was born, so Jim and Mark take a brief trip down memory lane as well!


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PREbirth (with Text)

LanternCast Episode #343 – The Green Lantern #1!

It all BEGINS here as Grant Morrison’s run writing Hal Jordan kicks off with The Green Lantern #1!  Chad and Mark break down the good, bad and interesting aspects of this premiere issue, as well as responding to YOUR thoughts and feedback on it!   Be sure to email us your thoughts or chime in on our voice-mail at 708-LANTERN!

Download the episode HERE!

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