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LanternCast Presents: The Greatest Toy Podcast- The Final Episodes!

Thanks to some technical issues, the roll out of the final two episodes of Jim and Mark’s The Greatest Toy Podcast has been in limbo… UNTIL NOW!  The massive two-part 2016 Toy Year in Review is now available, and the boys decide after a NCAA tournament-like contest, what was the best toy of 2016!  

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Download episode 36 HERE!

Download episode 37 HERE!


LanternCast Episode #273 – Green Lantern/Star Trek: Stranger Worlds 1-3!

Chad and Mark return to tackle the first three parts of this “epic” crossover.  See Carol “Any port in a storm” Ferris find a new man!  See Saint Walker be useless again!  See Larfleeze look like a werewolf!  You get the idea. There’s also some Iron Fist and Venom talk to wrap up the episode, so that’s something!

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Download the episode HERE!


LanternCast Presents: Green Lantern: Pre-Birth #11 – The Spectre #12!

Get ready for the most surprising team-up of all time as the Spectre joins forces with… Santa Claus! It’s not a dream!  It’s not Elseworlds!  It actually happens!  Can Santa make Hal a true believer in the Christmas Spirit?  And what do Charles Dickens and Scrooge have to say on the subject?  Take a listen and find out!  We also throw in some latest Justice League movie rumors and even … Jessica Cruz talk??  Yes, so much excitement crammed in one episode!

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Download the episode HERE!


PREbirth (with Text)

LanternCast Presents – Green Lantern-Green Arrow #12

Chad is BACK on the proverbial horse as he returns with another episode featuring the HISTORIC Green Lantern and Green Arrow run from creators Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams! In this issue Hal, Ollie, and Dinah take on the caricatures of Spiro Agnew and Richard Nixon! Also featuring the return of Carol Ferris! Telepathy, creepy children, Hitchcock references galore! Listen in and see how it all ties in! Please leave a voicemail at 708-LANTERN!

Music – ‘Everything Has Its Point’ by Rival Schools.

Download the episode HERE!

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