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LanternCast – Episode #49 – BN:JSA 3, Green Arrow 30 and Tiny Titans 25!

Did Blackest Night JSA #3 suck too much? Did Green Arrow # 30 go too far? Could Tiny Titans #25 have been any more adorable? All this, plus a voicemail, an email, and a smattering of contest entries! See ya at Super Show! Music by Chad Farran and News Radio! Please visit our site at

LanternCast – Episode #48 – The St. Patrick’s Day episode…

This time out, we’re joined by Question-guy Rob Coffin of Not Quite Radio to talk about The Question 37. Then Jim and Dan delve into Blackest Night Flash 1-3. How heavy is your hat? We make sense of the Reverse Flash timeline as per Flash Rebirth and Blackest Night, as well as the effectiveness of the emotional light switch. And we continue to argue about rabbits. Oh, and WE FINALLY ANNOUNCE THE WINNER OF THE ARROBA SILVER RING CONTEST. Is it you? No! Music by Chad Farran! Please visit our site at

LanternCast – Episode #47 – Blackest Night 7! Plus Green Lantern and The Corp!

Blackest Night 7 hits and our brains explode! But we glue them back together in time to also discuss Green Lantern 51 and Green Lantern Corp 45! But wait, there’s more! We also have some news and listener feedback! Join us for this wild ride… where we don’t announce who won our contest…yet… Music by The Roy Clark Method and Chad Farran! Please visit our site at

LanternCast – Episode #46 – Starman, Phantom Stranger and Adventure Comics 7!

The window to submit to win a free ring is over! Join us for talk of Starman 81, Phantom Stranger 42 and Adventure Comics 7. A listener gives us further insight into Mera’s heart of hearts! A brief word on spoilers, not to mention some DC delays! Jim smash puny toys! DC tricks us into reading Wonder Woman and Legion! Music by Bubblicious Gum, cicra 1984 and Chad Farran! Please visit our site at

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