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LanternCast Episode #369 – San Diego Comic Con 2019!

Chad and Mark discuss all things SDCC in this over-sized episode!  We talk about some of the bigger comic related announcements, The CW’s big plans for the upcoming season, general TV and Movie news and wrap it up with a breakdown of the MCU’s agenda for the next two years (and beyond)! Be sure to email us your thoughts or chime in on our voice-mail at 708-LANTERN

 Time Stamps for this Episode!

  • Intro/Comic News- 00:56
  • The CW- 47:50
  • General Movie/TV News- 1:07.40
  • The MCU 1:32.00

Download the episode HERE!

LanternCast Episode #368 – The Green Lantern #9!

What’s a vacation like for Hal Jordan? Confusing as hell, if this issue proves anything. Hal’s journey to Athmoora comes complete with medieval battles, Abin Sur dopplegangers and more heroes from the multiverse than you can shake a stick at! We also discuss Chad’s Adventures in Toy Hunting, as well as whether the current GL book is accessible enough to new readers! Be sure to chime in on our voice-mail at 708-LANTERN or write us as!                      


 Time Stamps for this Episode!

  • Intro/SDCC Pop Exclusives- 00:56
  • The Green Lantern #9- 28:45
  • Is The Green Lantern Accessible?- 1:05.12

Download the episode HERE!

Here’s a link to help explain who’s who in this multiverse heavy issue, along with the video we discuss in the final segment!

LanternCast Episode #367 – Spider-Man: Far from Home!

Chad and Mark review the final chapter of the MCU’s Phase 3 as we breakdown Spider-Man: Far from Home! It’s all about legacy, as Peter struggles to adjust to an Iron-Man-less world and what his role in that world is. There be SPOILERS ahead, so ye have been warned! Be sure to email us your thoughts or chime in on our voice-mail at 708-LANTERN!

Download the episode HERE!

LanternCast Episode #366 – Green Lantern #24 (Silver Age)!

Another journey back to the magical year of 1963 gives us two interesting Hal Jordan stories in Green Lantern #24! Besides the titular story of “The Strange World Named Green Lantern,” we also get the origin story of that ‘classic” GL villain: the Shark! We have time to discuss Netflix’s “Jessica Jones” Season #3 and how it succeeds where Game of Thrones failed. And there’s a few minutes to talk about the re-release of Avengers: Endgame! Be sure to email us your thoughts or chime in on our voice-mail at 708-LANTERN!

Time Stamps for this Episode!

  • Intro/Green Lantern #24- 00:55
  • Jessica Jones- 48:25
  • Avengers:Endgame- 1:09.00

Download the episode HERE!

LanternCastVIDS Presents: ‘Ringcyclopedia’ #22!

Besides celebrating Independence Day, let’s take a few moments to appreciate the many power batteries that DC has made available to us over these many years!

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