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LanternCast – Episode #54 – Brightest Day 0!

We’re all sick, it’s very late, and we’re talking about Brightest Day #0! What do we have high hopes for? What couldn’t we care less about? Un-cork your milk and join Jim, Dan, and Jason as they talk about stuff and things. Thundercats ho! Music by Chad Farran! Please visit our site at

LanternCast – Episode #53 – Guy Gardener: Collateral Damage!

This was Dan’s idea, so don’t blame me. After refrencing it since episode zero, we finally delve into probably the most infamous Green Lantern story ever (at least as far as WE’RE concerned). It’s crazy happy fun time with Guy Gardner Colateral Damage 1 and 2!!! This is where Dan typically writes his zany copy for the episode, but I’m pre-empting it for an important message: Listen to this episode so you will never have to read this story. Remember folks, only you can prevent Collateral Damage! Also, the voicemails in the second half are awesome, and here starts the next contest, with special thanks to John Godwin! Music by Chad Farran! Please visit our site at

LanternCast – Episode #52 – The End of Blackest Night!

It’s episode 52, and they miscolored the Rage Kitty! My Liefeld senses are tingling! After a long calendar year, we finally close the book on Blackest Night, with Green Lantern Corps #46, Green Lantern #52(!), Blackest Night #8…oh, and Secret Six #s 17 and 18, for completion’s sake. We have a discussion about how they may or may not be weaving religion into the Lantern mythos, pose one BIG question for the future of the Entity, and delight in things to come. All this plus The Great Aquaman Debate! Intro by Brian “Pants” Christman! Music by Chad Farran! Please visit our site at

LanternCast – Episode #50 – The SuperShow Episode!

Fans of varying sound quality unite! Our big Super Show episode features a conversation with Adam Murdough (CGS!) about why Green Lantern was left relatively untouched by Crisis on Infinite Earths, a discussion with Adam Withers (The Uniques) about the design and direction of the Star Sapphires, a conversation with Dave Williams (Waiting for the Trade podcast) about how DC is collecting Blackest Night, and more! Come celebrate the first in-person meeting of Jim, Jason, and Dan at the friendliest convention in comicdom! Music by Chad Farran! Please visit our site at

NovaCast – Episode #51 – The very first issue of Nova ever!

It’s taken us a while to get here, but we always knew we would someday cover the first appearance of Nova! We take a break from the recent series and look back at Nova series 1, issue 1! Also, a voicemail! Intro music (as usual) is “Nova” by Recognition! Please visit our site at

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