LanternCast Episode #368 – The Green Lantern #9!

What’s a vacation like for Hal Jordan? Confusing as hell, if this issue proves anything. Hal’s journey to Athmoora comes complete with medieval battles, Abin Sur dopplegangers and more heroes from the multiverse than you can shake a stick at! We also discuss Chad’s Adventures in Toy Hunting, as well as whether the current GL book is accessible enough to new readers! Be sure to chime in on our voice-mail at 708-LANTERN or write us as!                      


 Time Stamps for this Episode!

  • Intro/SDCC Pop Exclusives- 00:56
  • The Green Lantern #9- 28:45
  • Is The Green Lantern Accessible?- 1:05.12

Download the episode HERE!

Here’s a link to help explain who’s who in this multiverse heavy issue, along with the video we discuss in the final segment!

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