DC Comics 75th Anniversary Green Lantern Video!

Today DC Comics released on their DC Entertainment Youtube page a video featuring a scroll of various Lanterns to appear in comics since 1940. The video scrolls through multiple incarnations of Green Lantern since his first appearance in ‘All-American Comics’ #16 at the hands of the amazing Martin Nodell and Bill Finger. Included in the scroll are Alan, Hal, John, Guy, Kyle and more! Notable in the scroll is Kyle as Ion in the ‘Power of Ion’ story (YESSS!!!) and Alan as Sentinel, Jade, Mosaic John Stewart, Elseworlds Lanterns and a heckuvalot more all set to an epic sounding background track.


Now how about that 75th Anniversary Animated Short DC? I mean, Superman and Batman got one…it’s surely OUR turn right? RIGHT?


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