Green Lantern #47 – Initial Reaction

green lantern 47‘Green Lantern’ #47 released today written by Robert Venditti with art by Martin Coccolo.


So why the reaction piece on the website? Why not wait until our monthly review episode to cover this comic? Well, first of all, this is more of a mini-reaction as opposed to a full blown review. (We need to give you SOMETHING to anticipate after all) And secondly, this is something I’ve wanted in the Green Lantern comics for a LONG while. So it felt fitting to toss up a quick thought or two day of.


GUT REACTION: For a “Hal Jordan on Earth” story within the status quo of the current GL story-line it’s actually not half bad at all. Jordan family interactions are well placed and funny. There’s hardly any action and I’m ok with it.


And that’s really all I’ll say for the moment. That, on the face of it, I actually liked it.


So why devote a post for a three sentence reaction? Because, for YEARS, this is what I’ve wanted from the Green Lantern titles when things get stagnant or seemingly directionless. (Not that those are adjectives I’d ascribe to the current series, but you get the idea.) In the 1960’s, when things got campy and the title was failing, ┬áJulius Schwartz brought on Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams to course correct the series. They did so by bringing Hal back down to Earth. Denny and Neal did their thing, then things went all ‘Crisis’ and we returned to space, then things got wonky again…and then the 90’s come around and it’s time for another course correction…so they bring Hal back down to Earth yet again. Well my friends, it’s been a decade since Geoff Johns brought Hal back and gave us the emotional spectrum. And we’ve spent the vast majority of that time out in space dealing with the ramifications of that decision (and it’s been a largely fun ride). But, PERSONALLY, I’ve been saying it’s time to course correct and bring Hal back down to Earth.


If you’ve listened to our State of the Green Lantern Union episode, you already know our feelings on things and just how many people seem to share those sentiments. And that it’s not a knock against the current creative teams. Where we are, plot wise, is likely more a product of where DC wants things to be rather than anything else. (Not to say that the teams DON’T have input. But those ideas are likely confined to the boundaries of the sandbox they’ve been asked to play in.) But given my (and SEVERAL others) long time desire to see Hal return to adventures ON EARTH, I felt it necessary to give credit where credit is due.


Venditti brings Hal back to Earth for a few issues and gives us what we’ve been requesting for awhile now. And, within the confines of the current status quo, it was/is FUN. And I sincerely thank Robert for it. Sure, in a few issues we’re going to be tossed back into the “Cosmic Odyssey” type stories (though, hopefully, no planets will be destroyed), but it’s nice to be acknowledged. Seeing Hal return to Earth, interact with his family and face down classic GL rouges that AREN’T emotional spectrum related? Give me more! I’m going to be buying multiple copies for as long as it happens. I suggest, if you share my desire, you do so as well. Vote with your dollars!


So thanks Robert. I appreciate it. I’m considering it your Christmas gift to this longtime GL fan before we return to space. So you can forget about that other thing. -Chad Bokelman

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