Product of the Week: Classic Confrontations: Green Lantern Hal Jordan vs Parallax

Besides the Saint Walker maquette, probably the best Green Lantern statue that has come out in the past year or so is the Classic Confrontations: Green Lantern Hal Jordan vs Parallax piece.

This well-sculpted collectible features a large translucent version of the entity of fear breaking free from the Green Lantern Central Power Battery.  Attempting to stop him is Hal Jordan, who finds himself constricted and trapped by Parallax’s tail.

The large Parallax fits into the power battery base.  It can take a few minutes to align in properly and it never truly locks into place.  The plastic fear bug also comes with two sets of wings that slide into grooves on its back.

The cleverest part of the statue is the porcelain Hal Jordan figure.  The Emerald Knight comes in two sections that are held together with a magnet.  This allows Hal to be placed inside Parallax’s tail easily.  The magnet is powerful enough to keep the two pieces together normally, but too much pressure or contact can cause the parts to separate and fall.

This statue is definitely worth having in your collection.  If you don’t already own it though, you might have a tough time tracking it down.  As I write this, I couldn’t find any listed on eBay and even Big Bad Toy Store has it going for over $300, and that is for one that has been opened.  Hopefully this will show up again, at least on auction, so more people can have a chance to own this superb piece.

– Mark J. Marble

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