Product of the Week: Green Lantern: The Animated Series Saint Walker Maquette

Before I go any further, I have to admit something. I love Saint Walker. Love, love, love… Saint Walker. Since the introduction of the emotional spectrum and the multi-colored lantern corps, perhaps no character’s light has shined any brighter than Bro’Dee “Saint” Walker. As the first Blue Lantern, he established himself quickly as one of the most noble and admirable lanterns in the entire Green Lantern mythos.

His appearances in the first season of Green Lantern: The Animated Series only served to reinforce that view as Saint Walker projected wisdom, hope and selflessness. His teaming with Kilowog (and Mogo) to defeat the Red Lantern invasion was the highlight of the series so far to me.

After releasing statues of Hal Jordan and Atrocitus from the animated show previously, it was no surprise that Saint Walker would be the next in the series to see the light of the day (pun fully intended). While the Hal Jordan sculpt was not bad (and the Atrocitus one was almost all bad), the Saint Walker is the Goldilocks of the collection- It’s just right. It perfectly captures his gentle lean look while still delivering an action pose. Light blue energy surrounds his feet and helps connect the figure to the base. Assembling the statue was a snap: Walker slides into the base with ease so there is very little chance of damaging either the figure or the base.

With so much right about this piece, it breaks my heart to report the one bad- the Blue Lantern symbol on his chest is upside down. Yes, just like how DC made the same mistake on the Saint Walker bust from the “Heroes of the DC Universe (Blackest Night)” series.

I don’t get why DC can’t get the symbol right. I really don’t. While I personally prefer to always see the Blue Lantern symbol with the “angel wings” connected to the lantern, if it’s so hard to reproduce, just do the version where the wings don’t connect to the lantern. At least it can’t ever be upside down that way.

Despite this flaw, I still recommend this piece to any fellow Saint Walker or Green Lantern fan. It retails for around $124.99, but it is available at a discount at Big Bad Toy Store for $89.99 and at DC Shop Entertainment for the amazing price of $59.99

I still have faith we’ll eventually get a Saint Walker statue without any symbol screw-ups. I still have hope that “All will be well.”

– Mark J Marble

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