Product of the Week: Larfleeze/Glomulus Action League Two-Pack

While not particularly new, I had never seen the Larfleeze Action League figure in person up until a few months ago when I stumbled upon several in the toy aisles of my local Big Lots.

The set features the grand master of greed himself, Larfleeze, clutching his all-precious orange power battery.   He is accompanied by his sometimes partner-in-crime, Glomulus.

The Action League was a very fun series of figures, with both good choices and good sculpts aplenty.  It is unfortunate that this line has come to an end, but it certainly went out on a high note with this two-pack.

I found the Larfleeze set (and the Hal figure w/cannon construct) selling for $5.00 at Big Lots.  I’m not sure if many of these figures remain in stock, but I definitely recommend picking it up if you’re lucky enough to find one.   The two-pack is also coming down in price on Ebay, where several auctions begin at $7.00 and there are some nice lots of assorted Action League figures also available that include Larfleeze.

Now, if I could only find the Atrocitus/John Stewart set that has thus so far slipped through my fingers!

– Mark J Marble

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