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LanternCast – What The? Volume 3!

After a recent culling of the files on their server, the guys stumbled across a small handful of clips from what can ONLY be described as alternate universes. So discover with us a plethora of shows where Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger discuss Blackest Night, Dr. Zamaron hosts a late night love line, Saint Walker addresses the masses and the Fandom Stranger podcast still continues! Be sure to chime in on our voice-mail at 708-LANTERN!

Download the episode HERE!

What The

LanternCast – What The? Volume 2!

What better way to celebrate April Fools Day then by putting it out 10 days late! Who’s the fool now?!?! But really, keeping with tradition, the guys all got together and made some great skits for your listening pleasure. Is this the best one yet? Eh, the jury is still out on that. But you’ll like it none the less! Leave us a voicemail at 708-LANTERN!

Download the episode HERE!

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