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LanternCastVIDS Presents: ‘Ringcyclopedia’ #2!

This episode features the DC Direct Green Lantern Movie Prop Replica Ring. This ring was based off the specs of the actual prop ring, making it the most accurate replica available. Limited to 4000 pieces, this ring is long since sold out. It originally sold for around $45, but now tends to fetch a much higher price. If you can find one cheap, get it. It’s a great ring.

LanternCastVIDS Presents: ‘Ringcyclopedia’ #1!

Finally taking full advantage of the video format (and the long ago created ‘LanternCastVIDS’ youtube channel) Jim Ford walks us through the Green Lantern rings one by one…starting with the DC Direct GL Movie Style ring!

The first entry to the Lanterncast Ringcyclopedia, a catalog of Green Lantern rings! This episode features a look at the movie style Green Lantern ring that comes with the DC Direct Green Lantern Movie Style Power Battery Prop Replica. This ring has a magnet in it that activates the lantern. According to my replica, this is set is limited to 2500 pieces, long since sold out now though.

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