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LanternCastVIDS Presents: ‘Ringcyclopedia’ #23!

This episode highlights all the wearable rings that I’ve purchased, as of now, from Underworld & Beyond! It is an ever-growing list, so this video will assuredly merit a sequel one day!

Check out the link below to see what rings are currently available for order!

LanternCastVIDS Presents: ‘Ringcyclopedia’ #6!

Journey back to the days of yesteryear, as we revisit the 1998 Kyle Rayner style Green Lantern ring. This was the first widely available or mass produced Green Lantern ring by DC and despite how great it looks, it doesn’t really endow the wearer with super powers. Bummer! But it still shines bright in any Green Lantern fan’s heart.

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