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LanternCastVIDS Presents: ‘Ringcyclopedia’ #3!

This episode features the JLA Trophy Room: Green Lantern Rings Prop Replica. This prop was originally solicited during the epic “Blackest Night” story and was unfortunately designed under the mistaken belief there would only be eight rings featured in “Blackest Night.” By the time the White Lantern ring and entity had been introduced, it was too pretty much too late to do any modifications to the Prop.

It originally sold between $229-$250 when it first was solicited and if you’re lucky enough to find one now, prepare to pay more than that (in all likelihood). The production run was limited to 2000 pieces.

The prop itself is pretty impressive and the way it lights up is a nice touch. Despite the lack of the White Ring, I’m still pretty happy to have this in my collection. 🙂


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