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LanternCast Presents: Green Lantern: Pre-Birth #7 – The Spectre #6-7!

Hal Jordan meets his new arch-nemesis, Monsieur Stigmonus, as they battle for the soul of Hal’s niece, Helen!  Why is Helen so important? Oh, she might just be the future savior of mankind. Possibly. Confused? You’re not alone, but Mark and Jim work hard to try to make sense of this as they delve into the first two parts of “The Redeemer” story arc!

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PREbirth (with Text)

LanternCast Episode #245 – March Books!

March books are upon us! Chad and Mark glide through the Edge of Oblivion before almost drowning in the despair of Telos and Green Lantern.  Luckily, the boys are saved by the warm glow of this month’s Sinestro!  The big question is do both hosts survive their respective rants on sloppy editing and character misuse?   There’s even time for LISTENER FEEDBACK despite the tirades! Be sure to email us or sound off on our voice-mail at 708-LANTERN!

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LanternCast Episode #244 – Quarterly Quarterly #5!

Our coverage of Green Lantern Corps Quarterly CONTINUES! Listen in to the FIFTH of EIGHT episodes spread out over 2 years as we bring forth such notable stories as: An obscure Green Lantern with a cyclical death complex, Alan VS sudden youth and sexy illusions, the answer to the question on everyone’s lips “Whatever happened to Itty?!”, and the ultimate finale to the G’Nort stories! All of this and Captain America – Civil War trailer talk! Be sure to chime in on our voice-mail at 708-LANTERN!

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LanternCast Episode #243 – February Books!

It’s time for February books! Chad and Mark cover the three monthly Lantern books, with some Telos and Harley Quinn thrown in as a bonus! This episode includes at least two Mark mini-rants, as we build towards his coming complete meltdown in response to Green Lantern #50. Nothing will ever be the same again! All of this and LISTENER FEEDBACK! Be sure to chime in on our voice-mail at 708-LANTERN!

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LanternCast Presents – Green Lantern-Green Arrow #11

Chad returns with another episode featuring the historic Green Lantern/Green Arrow run from legendary creators Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams! This time around we’re talking Harpies, Gorgons, Amazons, Wizards, Aliens, and other dimensions! The common thread? Feminism! Yeah, we’re confused too. Listen in! Please leave a voicemail at 708-LANTERN!

Music – ‘Everything Has Its Point’ by Rival Schools.

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Lanterncast Presents

The Darkstars: Issue #2 Review by Jim Remolde!

Darkstars Reviews

Issue 2, Darkstar Rising, written by Jan Michael Friedman, penciled by Larry Stroman, inked by Scott Hanna with lettered Bob Pinaha, colored by Julianna Ferriter, and edited by Brian Augustine had a cover date of November 1992 with a release date of 10/6/1992 (Mikes Amazing World of DC Comics).  We open where the last issue closed.  Colos has arrived on the scene as Lieutenant Flint is thrown through the window.  Colos catches him in midair and lands next to Mo.  Colors questions Flint who tells him about the Loco drug and this place was identified as the distribution point.  Flint is concerned about the other officers still in the building as they do not know what they are up against.


            Colos crashes through the window and attacks the creature that threw Flint out earlier.  During this fight, one of the human drug dealers tries to run away.  He is tackled and beaten by Flint until Colos stares him down.  With the arrival of Colos, Flint’s focus shifts from warning his men to mopping up the place.   During this conversation, Mo notices something in the doorway and yells look out.  Just then laser fire erupts out of the door at Colos, Flint, and Mo.  One of the other drug dealers is blasted and Flint goes for a gun.  Colos warns him off saying that his bullets will have no effect on these perpetrators.  Colos blasts them with his palm masers and as a result pushes them through a wall.


            Elsewhere, Carla is leaving from dinner with Paul, a pro bono lawyer who works for the homeless.  Paul says that when they were in law school, Carla had principles and morals and now she works for the likes of Frank Papas.  Carla believes that Papas is a business man who may not be entirely honest.  Paul tells her about the Loco drug and that Papas is the head of the operation.  This drug is directly affecting the homeless in Dallas.  Paul apologizes for being harsh with Carla and Carla asks if he wants a cab.  Paul says he cannot afford a cab and walks off.  We are left with Carla just watching and possibly thinking about their conversation.


            Back at the distribution point, Colos is dangling an alien upside down over a roof.  Colos is after what he calls the big birds.  The alien acquiesces and tells Colos where the big honchos are located.


            Now we get a cosmic.  Interlude scene.  A person is flying a ship and we get an inner monologue.  This being just wanted to be left alone but he was discovered and now they are hunting him.  We see that his is being followed by what looks like beings flying through space without a ship.  We do not see these people and we do not know who is hunting this guy.


            Back on earth, Colos is flying with Mo and Flint presumably to the head honcho’s hideout.  From the air they see what looks like the shipping depot for the drug.  They land and Colos immediately breaks into the warehouse.  The aliens open fire on the three as the leaders including Papas run off and the alien leader pushes a button.  We see that a couple of giant robots come out and attack.  Colos counter attacks thinking he will not have too much trouble destroying them as he has dealt with this weapon before.  He is wrong as he is dealing with an improved model.  Flint pulls his gun and Mo also pulls a weapon and open fire on the robot to give Colos some breathing room.  Colos now with a second assault is able to take down the robots.


            After the battle the three now enter Colos’s ship and Colos opens a com with Administrator Prisatz.  Colos reports that the mission to bust up the Loku ring was accomplished with the help of the two earthers with him in the ship.  Colos however reports that the job may not be completed as there are a number of off worlders still on earth and a continued presence may be required.  Prisatz agrees with him that a Darkstar should be assigned to earth’s sector and that Darkstar should be Colos much to his chagrin while a smug Flint and Mo looks on.


            This is the second issue of this series.  It carries on from the first.  I liked the action in here as we see a little more of a Darkstars power and weapon set.  I do believe that so far I see this group as inferior in power set to the Green Lanterns but at this time there were not many Green Lanterns in the DC Universe.


            I liked the use of Flint and Mo here.  They do not cower at the power of the aliens and their machines, they legitimately help Colos in his fight against the villains in this issue.


            We see a glimpse of Carla in this issue with one scene but I feel it is a good character development or a lead in to a change in her story arc.


            My big question is the cosmic interlude.  Who is this guy we are seeing and who or what is after him and more importantly do we even care.


            I am still enjoying this comic and I am looking forward to the next issue.


LanternCast Episode #242 – January Books!

Life moves pretty fast around here, and if you don’t stop and listen to us once in awhile, you may miss something. Like a current issue review episode! Mark and Chad turn around and put out YET ANOTHER one! This time covering the 3 Lantern titles from January! All of this and LISTENER FEEDBACK! Be sure to chime in on our voice-mail at 708-LANTERN!

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LanternCast Episode #241 – December Books!

Mark and Chad kick things off this episode with their first current issue review segment of 2016! This time we talk Hal’s family reunion, Sinestro’s desperate plans, the finale of the Star Trek/GL crossover, and the end of the Lobo series! Then we wrap up with a healthy dose of affirmation in the form of LISTENER FEEDBACK! Be sure to chime in on our voice-mail at 708-LANTERN!

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LanternCast Episode #239 – In Memory of Shawn Engel!

In memory of friend of the show and fellow Green Lantern podcaster Shawn Engel, Mark and Chad cover the ‘Hero Quest’ storyline from the Kyle Rayner run. Listen in as the guys discuss one of Shawns FAVORITE GL’s as he seeks advice on just how to be a hero from; the caped crusader, the worlds mightiest mortal, and the amazing amazon! THIS ONES FOR YOU SHAWN! Be sure to chime in on our voice-mail at 708-LANTERN!

Download the episode HERE!

Listen to Shawn talk about these issues on ‘Just One of the Guys’!

Issue #71 – Batman/Alan Scott

Issue #72 – Captain Marvel

Issue #73 – Wonder Woman


LanternCast Episode #237 – November Books!

Mark and Chad return to their microphones to bring you their thoughts on the November Lantern related titles! How many people does it take to put Black Hand back together again? What the hell is a Light God? Of all people, WHY Wonder Woman? These are the questions we…well, answer is the wrong word. Anyway, all of this and LISTENER FEEDBACK!! (some of it from GIRLS!) So LISTEN IN! Be sure to chime in on our voice-mail at 708-LANTERN!

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