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The Darkstars: An Online Review Series by Jim Remolde!

Darkstars Reviews

My name is Jim Remolde.  I have been an active comic book fan for about 5 years.  I will be writing reviews of the comic book series ‘The Darkstars’ from the 1990’s.  Why, you might ask?  I am so glad you asked that question.

I said I was not active in comics, what I should have said was that I was not active in superhero comics.  Growing up in the 1980’s, I read ‘Star Trek’ by DC Comics, ‘Star Wars’, and ‘G. I. Joe’; both licensed comics published by Marvel.  I also fell in love with the little cartoon from the 70’s into the early 80’s called the Super Friends.  My favorite season being the Challenge of the Superfriends which pitted eleven of DC Comics heroes including the then big four of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman along with Robin with other heroes like Flash, Hawkman, and the Green Lantern, notably Hal Jordan.  I, of course not reading comics, never heard of the characters of Guy Gardner and John Stewart, who were both Green Lanterns in the printed book, against the thirteen (that number might mean something, I’ll have to ponder that) of the most fearsome villains of the galaxy including a yellow ring slinging villain called Sinestro.

I fell in love with Green Lantern, but I thought there was only one, like Superman or Batman. I also had no concept of the Multiverse either. I had a lot to learn.

Sure I watched other shows and movies as the time moved on, I learned about Hal going mad with power and a new Green Lantern coming along, Kyle Rayner.  I watched the Superman animated series where Superman meets Kyle, not much of a memory of that show or episode and even then the Bruce Timm universe took a more expansive approach.

I found that in the 2000’s a new team up show, The Justice League was starting and I watched Batman and Superman begrudgingly teaming up.  I like a little dissension in their ranks but I still hold that, at the end of the day, they will have each others backs.  They both teamed up to free the alien J’onn J’onzz from a government installation and in the escape other heroes were called in telepathically by J’onn; Wonder Woman, Flash (Wally West), Hawkgirl and Green Lantern.  I knew of Wally and that he was not Barry Allen who I thought was the first Flash (sorry Jay) and of course I knew the two women, but the Green Lantern surprised me.  I was thinking that the Lantern would be Kyle, he was not.  I had just been introduced to John Stewart.

I wanted to do some research and through Comixology I got into the Green Lantern comics starting with ‘Rebirth’ and moving into ‘Blackest Night’ and I was hooked.  Of course I read about Hal and Kyle and Guy Gardner (who I first met on the show Batman:  The Brave and the Bold) but also John Stewart.  Green Lantern became my gateway drug to the rest of the DC Universe and I discovered the Multiverse as a result. So Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, Helena Wayne; pleased to meet you all!

By listening to podcasts and getting into the “older” (I use that term loosely as I am in my 40’s now) comics I learned more about the back stories of characters like John.  I read ‘Green Lantern:  Mosaic’ which highlighted John as the main character.  I learned about the tragedy of Xanshi and John’s own military and architectural background.  I also learned about another cosmic force which John would eventually join that also included Donna Troy from Marv Wolfman’s run of the ‘New Teen Titans’, called the Darkstars.  A group that was led by a group of aliens related to the Guardians of the Universe called the Controllers.

In my posts I will be reviewing ‘The Darkstars’ series including their crossovers with ‘Green Lantern’. I’ve found that both Hal and Kyle had dealings with them, the ‘Teen Titans’, ‘Damage’, and ‘L.E.G.I.O.N.’.  I will be examining the Controllers and hopefully get at their motivations and why they split from the Guardians.  My thanks to Chad and Mark for allowing me to document my journey on the and I hope you will enjoy this journey as I will in taking it.  Your comments and questions, as always, are more than welcome.

Now let’s get this journey started as we travel back to a time after a reality altering Crisis where Barry died and nothing else is really known and a time before a Kryptonian died and a vigilante in a gothic city was broken by a hulking drug addict…

Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Green Lantern!

Cover dated in July of 1940 (meaning an on sale date of May-ish) ‘All-American Comics’ #16 featured the very first appearance of Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern. That means that it’s been a full 75 years since the concept of Green Lantern was created by Martin Nodell.

So we here at the LanternCast are coordinating a massive crossover with several of the dedicated Green Lantern related blogs, websites and podcasts across the internet. 

A few of the more notable participants in this crossover are as follows:

The Brightest Day, The Blackest Night

Flodo’s Page Blog

Green Bloggers Site

Blog of Oa

As we celebrate one of the greatest characters in modern American mythology, be sure to use the hashtag #GL75th across various social media sites to celebrate with us! If you’d like to join in the fun, please email us at! And while we’re at it, here are a few images you can use across the internet during the months of June and July (and the rest of the year if you feel up to it!).

Green Lantern 75th Anniversary


green lantern cover photo seventy five years




And lastly, here’s the OFFICIAL image from DC comics celebrating the anniversary.



We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store!

RUMOR ROUNDUP: John Stewart “LEAD” in 2020 Green Lantern Movie?

It is being reported currently by and the PopCorn Talk youtube channel that John Stewart is being cast in the upcoming DC Comics/Warner Bros ‘Green Lantern’ movie (tentative release of 2020). While the headline states that John Stewart is the “lead” in the feature, it seems like this is, as yet, not the case. The rumor is that they’re looking to “cast” John Stewart, not that they’re looking to “cast John Stewart as the LEAD”.


At this point, all of this is RUMOR. So the whole thing could prove to be false or 100% true, lead character and all.


The source video is posted below for those interested (Green Lantern talk starts at 21:35):



Co-Host Chad Bokelman took to twitter with his thoughts on the news:



Co-Host Mark Marble, movie buff extraordinaire, had this to say:  



LanternCast Contests: 2014 Testimonials!

Thanks right folks! The LanternCast is throwing a CONTEST. Mark and Chad are still thrilled to be your co-hosts and want to know how thrilled YOU are too! So this is your chance to TELL them!

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: It’s pretty simple really. Find some unique and creative way to showcase your love for The LanternCast! Are you an artist? Draw the hosts up to some recording or GL related shenanigans! Come up with some awesome art for us to use as header images across social media. Into video recording or editing? Come up with some awesome YouTube concoction for the world to see! Audio engineer? Simple! Come up with some amazing edited audio showcasing the show at it’s best, worst or funniest! Writer? Post a stellar in-depth review somewhere on the net! The possibilities are ENDLESS!

NOT SURE WHAT COUNTS?: It’s a pretty vague request, we know it might be confusing. But if you have an idea but aren’t sure it works, EMAIL US at and let us know what you’re thinking! Chances are it’ll work.

WHEN IS THE CUT OFF?: December 31st, 2014 at 11:59pm PST.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE?: Valid only in the US and Canada.

WHAT’S THE PRIZE?: Oh you sneaky person you. You just want goodies don’t you? Well fear not! We’re able to DELIVER! The prize includes a set of plastic Lantern rings (as passed out during ‘Blackest Night’), a soft cover copy of the novel ‘Green Lantern: Heros Quest’ by Denny O’Neil, and a ‘Green Lantern: Rebirth Collectors Set’!

WAIT, DON’T YOU GUYS SUCK WHEN IT COMES TO GETTING PRIZES OUT?: Mark and Chad, if reports can be agreed upon, have been doing pretty fantastic with the show thus far. Let’s give them a shot to deliver on contests.

ALRIGHT THEN, WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO WHEN MY SUBMISSION IS READY?: Well it’s actually very simple. Send us an email with the necessary attachment and/or link to your submission at

HOW WILL A WINNER BE SELECTED?: Easy enough. Mark and Chad will choose the five entries they find the best and draw from a hat. Should we receive less than five (come on guys, we’re counting on you) we’ll just select our favorite!

That about covers it! Any other questions let us know! It’s our first contest and we’re pretty stoked and we hope you are too! So get to work and let us know what you think of The LanternCast in your own special and creative way!!!

‘The Flash’ Season 1 Pilot – Review

By Chad Bokelman:

To understand what I’m about to tell you, you need to do something first. You need to believe in the impossible. Can you do that? Good.

These are the opening lines relayed to us by Barry Allen. In a small handful of sentences, the writers of this fantastic show have issued viewers and critics alike a challenge, “Just BELIEVE”. In a world where most modern popular DC adaptations are set in “real world” scenarios, fans weren’t sure the general public would buy into a guy who could run REALLY fast.

And then Barry spoke. And you’re invited into this world on “just shut up and enjoy it” terms.

There are several things about this pilot I enjoy. Unfortunately most of them are HUGE spoilers and this episode doesn’t premier until October 8th. But now that audiences are getting a chance to view this episode out in San Diego Comic Con 2014, I figured it was time to post MY review.

I saw this weeks ago when it leaked online. I’ve watched it over a dozen times since then. It’s amazing. It’s fantastic. But I don’t want to spoil things, so I’ll just hit some bullet points…

  • It’s no secret that the explosion at the Central City Particle Accelerator(CCPA) plays into Barry’s origin as the fastest man alive. When Barry is explaining the importance of the CCPA to Iris, he pulls up a dry erase board. IMMEDIATELY I was washed over with a time I’ve seen a similar dynamic. In ‘Fringe’ when explaining the “science” behind many of Walters theories, the writers would use the board as a way to dumb down high concepts so the audience could understand the premise upon which that episode would be based around. With Barry as a forensic scientist AND a metahuman, it’s no surprise that we will most likely be dealing with several high concept scientific theories and such. The use of the “board” idea is a proven method that I’m THRILLED to see incorporated in this series.
  • When Barry is struck by lightning, the entire origin sequence is amazing. Mostly the score. It adds mystery to the whole process AND somehow adds gravitas. Not just that something important is happening to the character, but…ok look, Barry’s origin is CLASSIC Silver Age. I mean, CLASSIC. When you watch this, you get that sense. It’s the perfect TV origin scene.
  • The explanation of introducing other metahumans to this universe (including Weather Wizard seen in this episode) is short, simple and concise. It seeds so many future characters (including Grodd) that it’s a heckuva teaser sequence.
  • When Barry visits Ollie in Starling City, the scene is incredible. Mostly because you see TWO classic DC characters standing together having a heart to heart, not a BS versus sequence. There’s even clear admiration as the two characters watch one another depart.
  • Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow (eventually Vibe and Killer Frost respectively) are a great “support” team for Barry. There are kinks in their system but, admittedly, this is the first time you see them working in this capacity. I assume it’ll get more streamlined.
  • The Barry/Iris tension is there from the get go, but we won’t see it delivered on immediately. I like that. Barry should end up with Iris, but not RIGHT out of the gate.
  • Barry attempting to unravel a tornado by running around it in the opposite direction…so…freakin…cool. Such a classic Flash move to see interpreted to the screen and it WORKS.
  • One criticism, Barry and his father. Not sure if that’s a dynamic I want to see in EVERY episode. Sure, visit your dad, but we don’t need that every episode or every other episode. Keep the strong connection, but don’t overdo it.
  • The ‘end credits’ type scene at the end of the episode is a TOTAL geekgasm moment. Seriously, fans of historic DC comics…don’t be in the process of eating or drinking anything at the end of the episode. You’ll choke and die in your excitement.

Overall, this episode is one of the best TV pilots for a show I’ve ever seen. It’s made very well and although I think, ironically, there are some slight issues with pacing, it will really impress fans. It’s thrilling to have been able to watch this show and KNOW that, come fall, I’ll have TWO incredible DC shows to watch AND they take place in the same universe at the same time. I can’t wait for more cross overs!

P.S. The recent news that Robbie Amell will be joining the cast as Caitlin’s fiance Ronnie Raymond (aka FIRESTORM) make me even MORE excited for this TV show!


By Chad Bokelman:

Classic rock, grilling, camping, family values…and Godzilla. These are the things I got from my father. The latter of which was via video cassette rental viewings one on one between my father and I. Therefore, to me, Godzilla TRULY is the King of the Monsters. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, 1998 Godzilla is a guilty pleasure movie for me. If it’s on? I’ll watch it. BECAUSE IT’S GODZILLA. So when I heard they were releasing a NEW Godzilla movie…I was stoked. When I saw the teaser trailer, I LITERALLY watched it 20+ times that night. When the first ACTUAL trailer came out, I jumped out of my chair.

My standards were high.

And they were not let down.

Now I’ll admit that the criticism that has been leveled at this movie is justified. Not enough kaiju, too many characters, “bad” acting, etc. But here’s the deal. 1998 Godzilla left a BAD taste in peoples mouths. They had to set the reset button. The original movies we all love so much? They had to set the reset button. There is TOO MUCH history to Godzilla bogging him down. TOO MUCH that fans (including myself) bring to the theater seat with them. They had to break free of those constraints and yet remain true to the core of who Godzilla is. That is an incredibly difficult task.

But they did it. Godzilla wasn’t overly benevolent or cuddly. He was feral and ancient and powerful and massive and intimidating. He WALKED and let nothing get in his way. He used his arms, he used his teeth, he used his tail, he used his size. His roar was true to form and FANTASTIC. His origin was plausible and not overly complicated. It still maintained a slight air of mystery to be explored (or not) later on. The MUTO’s were nicely designed. I felt they looked too…Clover (from ‘Cloverfield’) meets the alien from ‘Super 8’. I guess I’m trying to say it looked more ALIEN than anything that originated on Earth (whereas Godzilla looks…domestic).

Did I truly care about the human-based plot? Not really. But, to be fair, I really didn’t want a knock down, drag out monster fight for the entire movie either. I’m GLAD they took the time to introduce Godzilla to a modern audience and build the threat level enough to where you can see the NEED for Godzilla.

The fight scenes weren’t overly one sided and the “final blow” was quite possibly the best Godzilla moment I’ve seen on the big screen.

Bottom line? This was the best movie I’ve seen in a good long while. Is it the best movie I’ve ever seen? By no means. But it ABSOLUTELY is a fun, action packed, true to form, Godzilla movie. I give it a 4.3 out of 5. Small changes here and there, but overall a FANTASTIC flick!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is a tough movie to put your finger on because it truly is a mixed bag.  The things it does right, it does very right, but there are also some problems with the film as well.

The strength of the movie is the chemistry between Andrew Garfield’s Peter and Emma Stone’s Gwen.  Their relationship is the glue that holds the film together.

This is also the most accurate on-screen portrayal of Spider-Man we’ve seen yet.   He moves, acts and jokes like the character many of us grew up reading about when we were kids.  The fight scenes are also probably the best yet in the franchise.

While Jamie Foxx’s Electro hovers close to an over-the-top performance that would make Joel Schumacher proud, he does manage to rein it in just enough to make entertaining.   Dane DeHann’s  Harry Osborn is much less successful.  His version of Harry lacks the warmth or depth of James Franco’s version in the Sam Raimi trilogy.   It is also much harder to buy into the close friendship between him and Peter.  Purists will also be troubled with the decision to make Harry the 1st Green Goblin and have him essentially take over his father’s (Norman) role in one of the most important events in Spider-Man’s history.  The choice also seems odd since we’ve been told repeatedly how director Marc Webb wanted to be true to the Peter/Gwen relationship and history, but yet gives us this big change.  Paul Giamatti is quite effective as the once and future Rhino, despite barely getting any screen time.  He is used essentially as a framing device to bookend where Peter/Spidey is at the beginning and end of the movie.

The movie is probably at least 20 minutes too long, with way too much time being devoted to showing us what happened to Peter’s parents and tying all the evils in the Spider-Man universe seemingly to Oscorp.  Beginning the film by seeing Peter abandoned again with Aunt May and Uncle Ben and spending those opening moments focused on Peter’s parents, instead of Peter himself, was an odd choice.

The reviews overall have been pretty bad, and while I think they might be too harsh, I definitely see where they are coming from.  “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” does seem often to be more interested in setting up what comes next more than what is happening now.  While it is definitely better than “Spider-Man 3,” I don’t know if I’d rate it above any of the other Spider-Man films.   Like I said earlier, it’s a tough movie to wrap yourself around (at least after only one viewing).

–  Mark J. Marble

Sinestro #1

Chad and I will be getting to our review of Sinestro #1 in the not-so-distant future, but I still felt compelled to write a little something about this book. While one issue does not necessarily a good series make, the first issue definitely steers the book in that direction.

Getting a look into Sinestro’s mind alone is interesting in the early pages.  His new mission, brought on by his reunion with Lyssa Drak , is believable and clearly is the kind of trigger that would get Sinestro back in the game.  How his mission will jibe with Arkillo’s refocused Sinestro Corps (or Arkillo Corps) should make for fascinating reading, as will the role Soranik Natu will play as the series goes on.

Sinestro #1 already has me looking forward to the next issue more than most, if not all, of the other Lantern books.  Hopefully, the book can follow-up on a great premiere issue and if it can, Sinestro will one-up Hal Jordan once more: He’ll be starring in a more interesting comic.

Mark J. Marble

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